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Data Science Can Help Us Fight Human Trafficking

An organization with limited resources may need insight into which prevention program to run, or what type of awareness campaign to implement. We can use data to identify populations most at-risk and target prevention campaigns to those populations. Risk factors for being drawn into trafficking include poverty, unemployment, migration and escape from political conflict or war. Experiences with organized crime and natural disasters can also change to a person’s risk. Trafficking often begins with fraudulent recruitment methods, such as promises of employment or romance. Data can help identify specific economically depressed areas, where we can deploy awareness campaigns and social service support. In operations research, scientists apply mathematical methods to answer complex questions http://randolph1021ik.nightsgarden.com/a-few-questions-on-sensible-strategies-of-topickeyword about patterns in data and predict future trends or behaviors. Analytical tools similar to those used in transportation, manufacturing and finance can help us decide where to best allocate resources and help locate shelters for victims. Trafficking networks are dynamic. Traffickers are likely to Skip Tracing Tool frequently change distribution and transportation routes to avoid detection, leaving law enforcement and analysts with incomplete information as they attempt to identify and dismantle trafficking networks.

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